Pesky Pimples

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I thought that when you got older you didn’t get pimples anymore?? I’ve discovered that’s not true! Actually, my face breaks out more now than it did when I was in high school! I’ve never struggled with bad acne but I have always gotten the occasional pimple or breakout. Now I mostly get them around my mouth which I blame on my husbands beard. Ladies, you know what I mean, we love them but sometimes those beards feel like sand paper! In one of my subscription boxes a while back I received “pimple patches” and I immediately fell in love. Not only do they blend in perfectly with your skin but they visibly reduced redness and pull out white heads. I’ve tried two different kinds from Amazon and both worked but I do prefer the Mighty Patch Brand, it adheres to my face better. The other brand I used was Avarelle. This brand worked but the patches didn’t seem to stick as well. This brand does have different size patches which is good if you need to cover a larger area.

I’ve used lots of different spot treatments for pimples and while I have used a few things that work well this is the cheapest option I’ve found. My other favorite spot treatment is Clinique’s Acne Solution, however this costs $45 per bottle. The patches are much cheaper and still very effective! I’ll include the link to the Clinique option as well though, because if you have the money to spend go for it!!

Also, the trend of this weeks blog posts is my favorite things I buy from Amazon! Because who doesn’t like free 2-day shipping 😉

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