The Best Loose Leaf Tea Products

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Whew! It’s been a busy end to the week! I’ve recently started a new job and am now working from home (which is the BEST) but I’m still getting used to how the new company does things. The end of the month in my industry is always crazy so this week has been busy!! One of my favorite ways to relax at night after a long day is by drinking hot tea. I know, I know, I’m an old lady! I love hot tea and honey. Not only does it taste great but good quality tea can be very beneficial. I love a green tea and mint tea mix for upset stomachs or a chamomile to help relax. My all time favorite tea is Earl Grey. The internet says it’s good for your teeth, helps digestion, and helps fight anxiety and depression and I believe them! I purchase a tea pot with a diffuser in it off of Amazon a while back and I’m obsessed. I also found a local shop that sells homemade loose leaf tea. I like to buy local whenever I can, it’s always nice to buy items from people in your community. One of my other favorite things is my honey pot! I purchased it from a pottery shop near my parents home in the VA mountains. I LOVE my honey pot, it’s cute and functional! I strongly recommend drinking hot tea for all it’s benefits and of course the great taste. Here’s the link to my tea pot I purchased on Amazon and also, for my locals in the Raleigh/Wake Forest area the link to the amazing tea I purchase! Hope everyone’s had a great end of the week, now go relax and have some TEA πŸ˜‰

The best tea pot!!
My local tea shop! She makes the best blends πŸ™‚

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