My top 10 Must-Have’s from Amazon

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I LOVE Amazon. I have Prime and I’m all for it. Free shipping on pretty much everything and they sell tons of items. Over the years I’ve discovered lots of useful items on Amazon and now I’m going to share my top 10 favorites with you!

  1. Bestope Curling Wand-I love using a wand to curl my hair. To me it’s just way easier and my hair holds the curl much longer than with a regular curling iron. This is the second wand I’ve bought on Amazon and I love all the different attachments it has. I mostly use the knotted one and the 2 smallest barrels because my hair is shorter and thin. This is a must have that I use all the time!

2. Pimple Patches– I covered this recently in another blog so you can go check that out but these little guys are awesome for spot treatment

3.Couples Game-Ok, so for all my couples out there, this game is SO fun. I got it as a gag gift for my husband and honestly we had an awesome time playing it on vacation. Won’t go into too much detail but just trust me it’s worth it 😉

4. Silk PillowCase– I originally purchased this when I was getting eyelash extensions (highly recommend BTW) and I love it. It’s supposed to be less harsh on your face and reduce wrinkles, pull your hair less resulting in loosing less hair, and if you get eyelash extensions then it doesn’t pull those out as much as a traditional pillowcase would. I thought it would be too hot and while it is slightly hotter in the summer overall it’s very cool and luxurious feeling. I’ll never go back to a regular pillow case!

5. Tend Skin Care-I’ve always hated the razor burn that comes with shaving around my bikini area. Especially in the summer when you have to keep up with it even more, it’s the worst. I finally found something that relieves that razor burn! It’s awesome, just use on dry skin after shaving and it numbs that pain! Just wish I’d found this sooner.

6. Charcoal Toothbrush-So I jumped on the bandwagon on this one. I can’t really say that they’ve whitened my teeth or reduced cavities but they are very nice soft toothbrushes at a good price 🙂

7. Ice Roller– This list is not in order of my favorite items or this would be the #1! I get horrible migraines and sinus headaches and I have for a long time. I have an ice pack ( also bought on amazon) but this ice roller is amazing. I leave it in my freezer all the time so it’s always ready to go. Aside from helping with headaches and sinus pressure this is also a great way to shrink your pores and reduces bags under your eyes. What more could you ask for?!

8. Humidifier-We both struggle with dry noses and throats with the heat on in the winter. I finally decided to purchase a humidifier and we love it. I bought the kids one that projects stars on the ceiling because, why not? It also has a spot for a vicks pad to aid with stuffy noses.

9. Peach Fuzz Remover– Ladies, we all have fuzzy faces, it’s just the truth. I purchased this little facial hair remover and I’ve never looked back. It works great for such a small price! I will be upgrading to the Dermaflash when I can afford it though 😉

10. Firestick– The best thing about the fire stick is that you can take it anywhere. We take ours with us whenever we go out of town so that we still have access to all our favorite streaming channels. It comes in handy if you have a rainy vacation day or just want to stay in one night(and yes we are big TV people). It’s pretty inexpensive and gives you good access to tons of shows and movies, especially if you’re a Prime member.

And Just a little bonus, give the gift of Amazon Prime! Get access to tons of movies and shows plus free shipping on all purchases!

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