5 Incredible Volume Hair Products

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Over the last year or so I started losing a ton of hair. I’ve never had very thick hair so I already couldn’t afford to lose any! I think the hair loss was due to a combination of things. Mostly stress and the fact that I had box dyed my hair (or my husband did for me LOL) for about 6 months. My hair is very fine, soft, thin, and straight. Not a good combo for voluminous luscious locks. I had never used moose or really any hair products other than shampoo and conditioner so I started trying out some things to help my volume. I know you probably can’t tell from the picture above but trust me, that is my hair looking super voluminous! That’s about as much volume as I can get without teasing my hair, something I pretty much refuse to do. I’m currently using OGX Biotin & Collagen for my shampoo and conditioner and I do like it! I tried Love Beauty & Planet for about 6 months and while I love how earth conscious they are, the products did NOTHING for my hair. My hairstylist gave me a sample for Aveda’s Invati Advanced shampoo, spray, and conditioner and it was AMAZING. If/when I have the money to purchase the whole package I will be doing that! My hair felt significantly thicker after just a few washes so I can’t imagine how great it would work if you used it on a regular basis. The next new thing I started using is Big Sexy Hair’s Root Plump Plus. You simply put in a small amount only at the roots of your hair and then dry your hair holding the roots up off of your scalp. I usually just dry my hair with my head flipped over and that helps. It’s not sticky or flaky and makes a significant difference in the volume of your hair. You can purchase this at Target, Walmart, and Ulta and also if you keep your eyes open at Ross or Marshalls they also sell it on a discount. The last thing I’ve started using is a volume or a salt spray. Since I get so many subscription boxes I usually have lots of samples I use but I loved Beauty Protector-Protect & Volume so much that I purchased the full size bottle of that from Birchbox. I use this usually just when I’m going to curl my hair, it works well as a hairspray too. I usually wash my hair every other day. In the winter I can sometimes go 3 days in between washes but my hair is naturally very oily. I honestly don’t know how I ever lived without dry shampoo. It’s a miracle worker. My favorite dry shampoo brand is Batiste. I have almost black hair so I’ve discovered the best way to eliminate the white residue is to spray in the dry shampoo only at your roots, right before you go to bed. This gives it all night to soak up all the oils and once you brush your hair the next morning it leaves behind virtually no residue.

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I’m fairly basic when it comes to my hair routine but these are just some things I’ve purchased recently that have made a HUGE difference in my volume problem. Links to products below! Comment with any questions or suggestions on hair products you love! 🙂






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