$4 Coffee Scrub To Help Reduce Cellulite

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Over the past few year following some weight gain and just getting older I’ve starting seeing cellulite for the first time on my legs and arms. It was honestly really upsetting! It wasn’t anything too serious but it was enough to be noticeable and bother me. I’m always battling with my weight. I try different diets and drift in and out of semi-working out and never seem to stick with anything long enough for it to work. This is mostly in part to laziness and lack of self-discipline. I just get discouraged easily. ANYWAYS in my FAB FIT FUN box this month I’ll be receiving a Brazilian Bod Buff. Which retails around $30. After seeing that and looking at the ingredients I did a little research in how to reduce cellulite more naturally and I found a great solution! This coffee scrub only costs me $3 to make and I’ve already seen great results. I use it in the shower AFTER I shave (using it before clogs up your razor) and I just apply it to my thighs and my upper arms, the spots that bother me most. I scrub it in for a while and then rinse it off. It’s reduced my cellulite, reduced my “chicken bumps” on the backs of my arms, and tightened up my skin. I’m pretty obsessed and it couldn’t be easier to make! I just use 1 cup of coffee grounds, 1 cup of sugar, and 1/4 cup of coconut oil and mix it all together to make a nice scrub. I got my little glass jar and all the ingredients from the dollar store! You just need to make sure whatever container you use has a good seal so the water from the shower doesn’t leak in and dissolve the scrub. I’m not typically a DYI person but this has been so worth it. Sorry for the bad angle in the pic below but look at how smooth my legs are!! I PROMISE no photoshop was used in this pic! Try it out and let me know what you think!

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