Sleep Aids You Should Try

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I’ve always had a hard time falling asleep. My mind races and thinks of all kinds of impossible and possible things. This started to seriously affect me about a year ago. As we all know sleep is incredibly important and you just don’t function properly without enough of it. Eventually it starts to take a toll on your mental and physical health. I had tried all kinds of sleeping pills, most of which made me wake up feeling like I had been hit by a truck. After lots of trial and error I finally found a mix of things that really work for me!

The first thing is the Calm App. I’m pretty obsessed with it. At first the idea of their “sleep stories” seemed silly to me, I thought that couldn’t possibly help me sleep. However, at this point I was desperate and decided to try it. After one night I was hooked. I LOVE my Calm app. Not only do the sleep stories help me fall asleep in 20-30 minuets instead of in 3 hours, but I also love their meditation series. Whenever I’ve feeling a lot of anxiety or stress at work I take a few minuets to listen to one of the meditation series and it brings my anxiety levels way down. It might sound silly but this app has really changed my life.

The next thing that has been a game changer has been the HIms Sleep Gummies. I had ordered my husband a Birchbox Man for a few months and a sample of these sleep gummies came with one of his boxes. Taking just one of these all natural supplements helped me fall asleep faster and wake up easily with no side affects. I don’t care that these are for men they’re awesome! My husband and I both take them now. I’ve tried some other melatonin supplements and nothings worked as well for me as this has.

I strongly recommend trying both of these things if you’re having trouble sleeping! What works for you now? I’m always up to try new things! Comment and subscribe and let me know of some of your favorite sleep remedies! 🙂


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