How To Choose Your Eye Shadow Colors

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Makeup is meant to be a fun, beautiful way to express yourself. Because of that I honestly feel like when it comes to colors there’s really no rules. It’s all up to what you like and what you want to do with your style. I think of the face as a canvas for a painter. You are able to make your art work as classic or abstract as you’d like! Beauty is a great way to show off your personality.

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All that being said, makeup can also enhance certain features. We all have our favorite aspects of ourselves and for me, mine is my eyes. They are my favorite facial feature I have. However, my eyes are hazel and they change colors easily depending on the day, what I’m wearing, and how I do my makeup. Over the years I’ve figured out what colors enhance the eye look I want and what colors detract from it.

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I used the Tarte Limited Edition Mermaid Palette for this look

The past couple years I’ve started using lots of copper, orange, and pink. These three colors enhance the yellow and green in my eyes and I love it! I personally always prefer my eyes to look more green than brown and this color pallet really brings that out. For my everyday look that’s fast and easy, I simply use the Extra Bitter shade in Urban Decay’s Naked Basics pallet. I use the eye shadow as an eye liner with a little mascara and that’s it! Quick, simple and brings out the color in my eyes. The Tartlette Toasted eye shadow palette from Tarte has a great selection of orange hues as well.

I used both the original Naked and the Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay on this eye look

Most of my life I wore browns and golds. I still do wear those colors sometimes and I still love them but they definitely pull the brown out of my eyes. There’s a big difference in my eye color when I wear darker eye shadow and liners. I used to always wear black eye liner but now most of the time I’m using colored shadows as liners. If you have strictly brown eyes then golds and browns are a great wheel for you to work with. They’ll help bring out the color in your eyes and compliment them well. I love Urban Decay’s original naked palette(they’ve retired this palette but the Urban Decay reloaded is similar) and Naked 2. Also, as soon as I can get my hands on their new Naked Honey palette I will be! That would be a great starter palette if you have brown eyes and are wanting to start working on your eye shadow game.

I obviously don’t know from personal experience but I believe that oranges, pinks, and blues all look amazing if you have blue eyes. If your eyes are always the same color and don’t change then it’s a little easier to wear whichever color you want! The Too Faced Pretty Rich Diamond Light palette is a great one for blue eyes, as well as the Nars Ignited palette. I was able to connect with some fellow beauty guru’s on Instagram that do have blue eyes to give you guys some great examples! Check out these ladies pages for some awesome makeup looks and tips!

Go follow this lovely lady on Instagram! @beautyreportcard
Fierce look by Caroline! @thebitterblend


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