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My newest obsession is wigs. I’ve always loved dying my hair fun colors but since my hair is black it’s very difficult and hard on my hair. I honestly don’t know why I haven’t tried wigs before now! It lets me have different hair colors and styles without doing major damage to my hair. I love this one from Amazon, it’s a great price and decent quality to wear every now and then for fun!

I stare either at a computer screen or my phone pretty much all day everyday. I also suffer from pretty severe migraines on a regular basis. I finally invested in these blue light glasses to help cut down on my eye strain.

I have very dry skin and with winter on it’s way I was in the market for a new exfoliating product. I’d been using St.Ives but I wanted something that wouldn’t be so harsh on my skin. I’ve been loving this gently daily exfoliate from Target, good price and helps remove all my dead skin.

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