7 Tips For Decorating Your Christmas Tree

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I don’t claim to be good at decorating in general. Most of the year my house is pretty sparse and I do not have a designer eye by any means. However, all of that changes when Christmas rolls around! My house is transformed into a Christmas wonderland and I absolutely love it! I learned everything I know about decorating trees from my wonderful mother and I wanted to share some of my tips with you!

#1 Fluff your tree! If you have a fake tree, like most people do now, it’s important to fluff out your branches so the tree looks it’s best. I bend my branches in all different directions so there’s lots of good places to hang ornaments and no big holes in the tree.

#2 Choose a color scheme. If you want to make your tree look more professional and cohesive then having an appealing color scheme is important. My color scheme is red, white & silver. My mom’s is burgundy and gold, it can be anything you want!

#3 Add extra strings of lights. If you do have a fake tree then odds are it does not have enough lights. More lights add a lot to a tree, I have an extra 3 strings of lights on my tree.

#4 Add your “special” ornaments to the tree first. I have collected many gorgeous ornaments over the years. I hang these on the tree first so they are in the best positions and to make sure they all get used.

#5 Fill in with Christmas balls. Once you’ve placed all your special ornaments on the tree then fill in the spaces and gaps with Christmas balls. Only use 1-2 colors for the balls. I use all red ones. I place them in gaps and also behind other ornaments to add dimension to the tree.

#6 Add in your filler. Filler is usually, for lack of better words, decorations on a stick! This adds even more dimension to your tree and is the icing on this tree cake! I have 5-7 different types of filler on my tree, I usually purchase them in odd numbers. You add them into the tree, and they sit lightly on top of the branches. You may have to move a few ornaments around so the filler sits in the tree correctly.

#7 Be careful with fragile ornaments. I have pets, so one thing I always make sure to do is to add only ornaments they are not breakable on my bottom two rows of branches. Better safe than sorry!

I hope these tips help you put together your family tree this year! Please reach out to me with any questions! Listed below are some of my favorite places I’ve purchased my ornaments over the years!

Homewood Nursery- Raleigh, NC

Hallmark- Raleigh, NC

The Christmas Place- Pigeon Forge, TN

Bronner’s- Frankenmuth, MI


  1. I look at the Christmas Tree as an offering of celebration to the Birth of Jesus. What Christmas is all about. The light of the world is Jesus so light up those Christmas Trees! Yours is beautiful Kathryn! Merry CHRIST-MAS!


  2. I struggle making our tree look good so this is really helpful..although sticking to a colour scheme is hard when I have a bunch of home made ornaments that the kids made that they want to put on 🙂 Thanks!

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