Step Up Your Makeup Game!

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I have really been slacking on my blog lately! Honestly, I’m at a point in life right now where I’m trying to save money for a new house! We’d really love to move somewhere with some more space and a bigger yard. Unfortunately the area we live in is crazy expensive so we are just in a planning phase right now trying to pay off some debt and save some money! That being said I’m buying less things to review on my blog! I am doing more makeup looks on my instagram account and every Tuesday I’m doing Hair Tip Tuesday! So please go follow my Instagram to hear from me more frequently!

Since I’ve been doing more makeup looks I thought I’d hop on here and share a few new things I’ve tried! I received the Tarte WinterWonderGlam pallet for Christmas and I’ve been obsessed with all the glitter options on it! The biggest thing I learned about using glitter is you need glitter glue! I purchased this cheaper one from Target and it works great!

Loved this blue glitter glam look! Perfect for a night out!
Cotton Candy vibes with this pink & purple glitter look!
This is a great neutral glitter option!

Another thing I’ve finally learned how to do is winged eyeliner! I posted a IGTV video of two easy ways to do a winged eyeliner on my Instagram, check it out! The stamp options where purchased here from Amazon. A simple winged eyeliner with a bold lip is always a classic look!

The halo eyeshadow look is so trendy right now! This is where you have a darker/matte color on the outside and inside corners of your eyes and then a lighter/shimmer color in the middle. I finally decided to try it and I’m obsessed!

The last look I have for you is just some fun 90’s grunge using the Kat Von D Fetish pallet! I love a good grunge look and this pallet is perfect for that!

I’d love to hear from some of my followers! Is there anything involving beauty or plus size fashion that you’d like to see me cover? Comment below or shoot me an email and let’s make it happen! Thanks so much for supporting me! ❤

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