5 Looks 1 Palette- Colourpop Cosmetics

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I recently got the idea to do a challenge for myself on my Instagram page and it has taken off! I know many people don’t own an abundance of eye-shadow palettes to use to create many different looks and honestly creating beautiful looks with just one palette can be more challenging than you would think! I purchased this gorgeous palette from the Disney line of Colourpop Cosmetics and was inspired by it! Two of my favorite things, Disney and makeup rolled into one! I had never purchased anything from Colourpop because I *assumed* it wouldn’t be great quality because it’s lower in price. Let me tell you, I learned my lesson! This awesome palette only costs $22 for 15 great quality, highly pigmented eye shadows. There’s so many colors and possible combinations in this one palette that I honestly could’ve created a lot more looks than just 5! I’ve decided I’ll be doing this challenge weekly in hopes of helping people create new looks with palettes they already own at home! Next week’s will be Urban Decay’s original Naked Palette which I feel like most people own! Let me know what you think of this idea, what your favorite look is, and what palette I should do the challenge with next in the comments below!

Above the crease is Damsel, on the lid and crease is New Dream, and in the inner corner is Floating Lantern
Above crease: Pip, Lid & crease: Frog & Wife, Royal Ball layered on top in the middle of lid
Above crease: Damsel, Outer Corner & Deep Crease: Gaston, Crease: New Dream, Middle of Lid: Frog & Wife, Inner Lid: Mrs. Potts, Layered on top of inner and middle lid: Royal Ball
Above crease, crease, outer & inner lid: Merryweather, Middle lid: Mrs.Potts
Above Crease: Nutmeg, Crease & Outer Lid: Quasimodo, Middle/Inner Lid: Djali

Helpful Hint: when using glitter use glitter glue & apply with a small brush or your finger

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