My First Makeup Palette

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Every girl has had their first eyeshadow palette and I bet for most of you it was the original Urban Decay Naked palette! THat was my first one as well and is such a staple for lots of people! This past week I dusted off my almost 10 year old palette and created some new looks with it! This also goes to show you what an investment a good eyeshadow palette is. I’ve only hit the pan in 2 shades on this and I’ve had it forever! It’s still good as new and these babies don’t go bad! Check out these 5 looks I created using this one palette and pick up your old one again!

For this look I used Buck in my crease, Toasted in the inner/middle lid, and Hustle on the outer lid
This golden look was created using Buck in the upper crease, Smog on the inner/middle lid, and Hustle on the outer lid
You can create darker looks with this palette too! For this one I used Creep on the crease and outer lid and Gunmetal on the inner/middle lid
This look was made using Buck on the upper crease, Darkhorse on the outer lid/ crease, and Sidecar on the inner/middle lid. I also used Darkhorse along my bottom lash line. Side note: Sidecar and Naked are the 2 shades I’m almost out of!
For this golden look I used Buck for my crease, Half Baked for my inner/middle lid, and Smog for my outer lid


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