Summer 2020 Plus Size Swim

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Even with all the craziness going on in the world we are all excited that summer is here! And even though my beautiful new swim suits might mainly be seeing the kiddie pool in my backyard that’s not going to stop me from rocking them! Swimwear has always been my favorite thing to purchase. Honestly, if I could live in a bikini I would! So this summer Aerie was having a sale so I decided to give them a try! Last summer my favorite swim came from Cupshe and Amazon. So now that I’ve tried all 3 I can compare!

From Aerie- I love this one strap top! These bottoms look great with the black or pink top

First I’ll comment on Aerie. They are the most expensive of the 3. They also have the most limited sizes. It is disappointing that their largest size is a 2xl. All the items I purchased were a 2xl and I wear a size 18. If you are above an 18 or even if you are larger chested, Aerie is not going to be for you. Another thing I noticed was on my items with straps, the straps sat a little too far out on my shoulders. I purchased the high-cut/high waisted bottoms for all 3 suits. Even though they were all the same style and size the leopard print were slightly smaller than the other 2. This is a common issue with lots of brands. The bottoms are cute and my only issue is that they show a little more cheek than I prefer. Overall, I loved all these swim suits but I would definitely only purchase them when they are on sale.

Aerie makes mix&match easy, this top was slightly small on me, would not be good for larger chests
From Aerie- Love this top, very secure
From Aerie- Love this suit and color! I didn’t think I’d be a fan of the one-shoulder but it turned out to be my favorite. Roomy, secure top

Cupshe- I’ve ordered 3 different suits from them and one of them I sent back because the top was too small. They carry regular sizes and plus sizes. The regular sizes go up to 2xl which is what I purchase. I haven’t tried their plus size line yet. Whenever regular sizes are available I typically go for those for a few reasons, one being regular sizes always have more/cuter options and two being the fact that for a plus size woman I am smaller chested and the regular sizes tend to fit me better. Their bottoms show the perfect amount of cheek for me, just a little and not too much. At Cupshe a bikini set is usually going to run you $20-25. This is about half the price of the Aerie line. Cupshe products are very high quality for the price.

Love this suit from Cupshe

Amazon- There’s lots of different plus size options on Amazon. I do like most of them but there’s a lot of variation in size so it’s important to look at the reviews and size charts before you purchase. All the swim I’ve purchased from Amazon has very full coverage bottoms. I did purchase a swim cover from Amazon that I’m obsessed with. I purchased the xl/xxl size and they come in lots of different colors. They typically run around $20 as well but are not as good of quality as Cupshe is.

Aerie One-Strap Top

Aerie Black Top

Aerie Blue V-Neck Top

Aerie High Cut Bottoms

Burgundy Swim Suit from Cupshe

Yellow Swim Suit from Cupshe

Amazon Cover-up

Amazon Swim Suit

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