Disney during COVID

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Hey Everyone! I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post! Things have been a bit dull around here to be honest. I’ve been in a rut with creating content for my Instagram and am just now getting back into the swing of things. It’s OK to take a break now and then to regroup and recharge!

So! Moving on, we went to Disney in January with a bunch of my cousins for a whole week and it was AMAZING! We had 20 people total, 11 kids under the age of 13 and 9 adults! We went to the parks 5 days in a row which was more than I think I’ve ever gone so it was definitely tiring. The parks closed earlier than normal due to covid but it worked out because everyone was ready for bed by the end of the day anyways! Having 20 people in a group made getting from place to place a slower process but it was fine. Since we had so many kids and several under the age of 3 some of us stayed off of rides with the smaller ones. I’ve been to Disney so many times that I’m usually not fussy if I miss out on a few rides. I loved spending time with the kids, overall they were super well behaved and it’s way more fun going to Disney with kids vs without! They are at 25% capacity now I think and it was great to be there while it was less crowded. You do still need to reserve your park days and I’d recommend you do that as far in advance as you can because space is limited. There’s also less tables and less restaurants open so make those dinner reservations as soon as you can as well!

I’ll go ahead and state that I’m not afraid of Covid. I follow the rules and all because I have too but I’m personally not scared to get it or anything so take that into consideration when reading my opinions on traveling. You DO have to wear a mask at ALL times while on the Disney property. They are VERY strict about that, even with the little ones. They take everyone’s temperature before they’re allowed to enter the park. There’s hand sanitizer everywhere so every time you get off a ride or anything there’s some available to you. If you haven’t flown yet, you do have to wear a mask the whole time in the airport and on the plane as well. We were very lucky to have chilly weather when we were in Disney so honestly wearing the masks all day wasn’t terrible. However, on our last day it got up to about 75 degrees and wearing the mask all day got tougher. I’m not sure if I’d be able to do it when it’s in the 80’s-90’s. We are talking about going back in November and I’m sure they’ll still be requiring masks at that point so we’ll see!

Overall we all felt very safe there in regards to Covid. Yes, you are around a lot of people but everyone’s actually wearing a mask and using sanitizer unlike most Walmarts etc! We had an amazing time, out of 20 people none of us came home sick in any way and we would definitely go back! If you have any additional questions about traveling or planning a Disney trip please let me know!

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