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Here’s some tips & tricks to make the most of your Disney trip! Of course this is written from the view of a plus-size childless millenial! So just keep that in mind 😛

This time I chose to take 2 pairs of tennis shoes and fluctuate them. We went 5 days in a row and I’ll admit it was tough on my feet! a good pair of socks is a MUST. I love bombas but they’re too expensive for me. I’ve found a good dupe on Amazon and love them. I fluctuated between these white shoes and my Adidas tennis shoes. I was surprised that my white shoes actually seemed more comfortable than my Adidas shoes. I’m part of a “pooh-sized” Facebook group and they gave me great ideas to help with foot pain as well. I’ve linked items they suggested here.

I’ve recently started collecting Loungefly bags and it’s my newest obsession! They are so cute and comfortable to wear around the parks all day. I brought 2 on this trip. Some items in my bag were chapstick, phone charger, hand cream, hand sanitizer ( every single one at the end of the rides were empty this time), an extra mask, card holder, and sunglasses. Masks are required indoors, and mask lanyards were a must as you’re constantly taking your mask on and off.

Dining reservations are available 60 days before you leave and it’s very important you make them as soon as possible! I’ll be writing another blog post dedicated just to Disney food so be sure to check that out! The biggest mistake we made this past time was having dinner reservations both nights we were at Magic Kingdom. This caused us to miss the fireworks both days, next time we’ll be sure to have a Magic Kingdom day dedicated to getting a good spot for the fireworks on time!

Due to hotels being sold out, we had to switch hotels in the middle of the week. We started the week at Art of Animation and ended it at All Star Music. We were lucky to get upgraded to a suite at Art of Animation and it was wonderful! That hotel is also hooked up to the Skyliner which goes to Hollywood Studios & Epcot so it’s very convenient. The suites at Art of Animation are considered a moderate hotel while All-Star Music is a value resort. Staying in them back to back gave a good look at the real differences between the 2. We’ve decided we will definitely save up the money to stay at a moderate resort next time, the comfort and convenience is worth it and this time we will have a year in advance to plan and save.

We tried Genie+ for the first time and I’m not a fan. In my opinion the only park it’s worth purchasing for is Magic Kingdom. You can’t book a fastpass until after the first pass is used. So for example: parks like Hollywood Studios where you want to get a pass for Tower of Terror or something, people will get that one first and then if the first pass time you can snag is 4pm then you can’t use any fastpasses ALL day until after you ride TOT. Also, one person in your party really has to purchase and schedule for everyone to be able to get fastpasses all together. It makes it really dificult when traveling in a big group or with multiple familes. It’s also hard when you have varying budgets, it’s already so expensive and having to pay for lighting lane on top of that is just too much. I’m hoping they’ll realize this system was a mistake and change it soon.

We always fly Southwest. They have the roomiest seats for pooh sizes and you don’t have to pay to check a bag. In hindsight we should’ve brought an empty suitcase to take souveniers back. I did end up having to ship a couple things home which is super expensive.

I love all the super cute dresses and outfits people wear to Disney BUT I’m a creature of comfort. Especially when I’m going to be walking all day in hot weather. My go-to apearal has been bike shorts and lightweight tops. I was still able to make themed outfits for each day that were sute and comfy! I also am the worst at taking cute photos at Disney because I’m always in a hurry!

I’ve linked a bunch of the small shops and clothing items I took with me below! Please leave any questions in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer them! If there’s enough I’ll make a seperate blog post answering them 🙂

Etsy ears shops: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LittleEarsBoutique


These ears are smaller and more lightweight- very comfortable but fall off easily

Very breathable masks




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